Worker’s Comp

With so many different personnel involved in Worker’s Compensation administration, it’s no wonder that the system is fraught with errors, creating unnecessary costs and headaches.

But, as one of only five agencies licensed in Illinois by The Institute of WorkComp Professionals, we offer the highest level of Worker’s Comp expertise. We provide more accurate claims processing, a precise analysis of your Worker’s Compensation Mod Factor, and a streamlined workload for your HR department.

We save you overcharges by providing:

  • Certified professionals who receive comprehensive training in identifying and correcting potentially costly errors.
  • Comprehensive audits of your Experience Modification factor, back-to-work program, employee classifications, injury handling and more.
  • Assistance with your hiring programs
  • Return-to-work programs that work for you and your employees
  • Assistance in establishing a process to reduce costs and eliminate future errors.

Your time is important to us, and our website enables you to instantly file claims from any location with convenience and ease. Access your own OSHA compliance log at year’s end just by pressing a button. Our OSHA consultant specializes in assisting distressed business and helps to bring your business into compliance through a variety of programs targeted to improve safety awareness and the work environment.