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Affordable Care Survey 2014

Check out the results of a recent nationwide survey of over 2,000 businesses on the impact of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) on their organization’s employee health benefits program.  Some notable results include:

68% of respondents documented that the ACA led to increased costs for their organization’s health benefits plan.  62% passed those increased costs on their employees while 42% reduced employee health benefits to offset the costs.

34% of respondents were either uncertain or only somewhat certain that they were in compliance with the ACA.  Those that were certain of their compliance mostly attributed their confidence to educational services provided by a broker.  Employers specifically noted the importance of contacting brokers for educational services such as updates on new legislation as well as the pitfalls within the current law.

While uncertainty is still the most rampant outcome of the ACA on employers, the survey results highlight the importance for businesses to use benefits brokers as a resource to educate themselves on the pros and cons, ins and outs, and all other facets of the options available to them in employee health benefits programs under the cloak of the Affordable Care Act.